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You’ve Got This – ish

If you know anything you have read anything from me in the past then you know I’m a HUGE believer of right thought with the right energy begets the miracle you’re looking for.

But life does seem to keep up with more of what we don’t want.

Breaking that cycle can be tricky.

What if the universe is telling you to stay the course, lead on, make the charge ahead and don’t back down?

There are a few core things that must occur in your world to make that shift:

  • busyness for the sake of being busy and looking good is a blue collar and corporate, keep the job, mentality.
  • changing direction when you’re three feet from gold or diamonds is a very bad habit that kicks everyone in the pants.
  • fuzziness of vision and end result leads to no result and begets self-disappointments all over the place.
  • small-wanting the next small step when actually a much bigger step is necessary to make the progress you’re seeking.

I can tell you from a recent experience that took so much focus, attention, time, energy…and then more focus to overcome all the hurdles that cropped up that quitting can seem like the only option.

The project was not going to happen as far as I was told, so I went to a movie. That’s when all the forces that I’d put in place the months before rallied. Someone who I never met, reached out and then suddenly all these amazing other folks began fighting for my project to happen.

It’s can seem like everything is against you (people tell you so and you give it up to the “oh it must be a sign or the universe is telling me something”). What if the universe is telling you to stay the course, lead on, make the charge ahead and don’t back down?

Hmmmm now that’s interesting.

Hey…you might just be doing the right thing and it might just really be that you do have this!

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