3 Types of Entrepreneurs

Helping people achieve what’s in their hearts and monetize it can be daunting. It’s often that people have a dream and an idea locked in their head and see others’ doing something like it and believe it’s easy. When starting on the path toward entrepreneurship there are many ways to begin, this blog details the 3 types of entrepreneurs you will find along the way… 

A Formulatic Approach

Well, it is easy … when you have the formula they’ve used and the mindset and growth attitude and do whatever it takes attitude to get the results. To really get results is to dream, do and go further than you are accustomed to going to get the results. To be uncomfortable is a good thing to be comfortable with.

One thing for certain is there are a few motivators for someone who has a dream. 

it’s important, soul or mission-driven, that they get their message out into the world and this is what I call more of the soul needs the work that you will share out into the world. This one is a bit difficult because this one means you’ll have to learn to marry a mission with money. When you’re doing this type of work the typical money-making modality doesn’t seem to work the way it does for people who have a business they like, even love, but it’s not soul mission-driven. These types of entrepreneurs are one who needs to learn how to use their heart, sell without feeling salesy, deal with money in a different more wholistic way and invest in themselves and their of self-growth more. This one is also more challenging because you will feel like you’ve done way better than before, but you’re not getting the result and want to step back. Another facet of this one is that you will think people are taking from you but it’s where you’ll need to learn how to connect, collaborate, and communicate better than ever. The best part of this type of entrepreneur is that you will feel and be more filled up than most others because of the work you’re doing. You’ll go to sleep knowing you’ve made your soul happier and have helped others along the way and that is very fulfilling. Many people don’t get to this type of business until they are much later in their life if they get there at all. Today more than ever that is what the conversation is yet the training and mentoring of this type or entrepreneurship is of a different sort.

Types of Entrepreneurs: The Egoist

The ego, the first type of entrepreneur, needs the win and that’s when things start to really get interesting. When the ego gets involved it will be as if there’s a separation of the personality, the heart and the head. This type of entrepreneur really needs to make their mark and almost at any cost. Often you will see someone who has a big need to make their mark and they’ll be super flashy and in your face and then a few, usually several, years later they will have some sort of epiphany, break down, break up, accident, loss or a massive awareness that they are not doing what they’re here to do. They’ll often discover that what they’ve been doing is no longer fulfilling. 

Money comes easily to these types but that also means that it goes away or just disappears as easily. This will often happen a few times before the big wake up call. The kind of wake up call that gets someone moving in a new direction. Or too often, like nowadays, these types get sucked into the latest fad of alternative plant medicine (not judging, just reporting) or latest therapy. This can often be where the money starts getting weird, wonky and evaporate. One thing that’s certain is that this is when ego, personality and money start getting misunderstood and then upside down. An example of upside down is what was working in terms of selling and business communication no longer works and the disconnection will cause great confusion.

They need the money is often the real reason people start a side hustle or even go into business on their own. 

I started my first business at eleven because I wasn’t allowed to buy the sweater that I wanted and my parents told me if I could get the money on my own I could buy the sweater. I started with the largest house in the neighborhood and moved that ladies’ lawn. It grew from there. But I essentially I felt I needed the money. 

Many side hustles get started for a few extra dollars because someone needs the money. This is a fantastic way to be an entrepreneur. Taking this idea and expanding it to a full-time, good money making gig is another story. 

There’s nothing worse than finding out that it won’t monetize bigger or it really isn’t something you just love doing. 

The first thing you gotta just figure out who the heck you wanna have as your client or if you’re a speaker who do you want to speak to. The answer of ‘anyone’ is not a real answer. And what do you wanna talk about and how you gonna get there? You may not be able to start there, but how do you want to get there?”

You don’t wanna wind up spending your life talking to people you don’t like or talking about a subject you’re not interested in. You make money that way, that’s easy.

Types of Entrepreneurs: The Solution Creator

The second type of entrepreneur is the one who sees a hole in the marketplace and designs the product and or experience to fill it. Usually, they are the ones frustrated by something that they can seem to find a solution already in the marketplace.

This type of person is always on the hunt for the latest thing. They often make either hasty choices and jump to get it to work or they choose to test their theory and then go for it.

It’s considered that these are the climbers that want to build empires and make their dent in the universe. Another word to use for them is opportunists. They see something that someone isn’t doing right or as fully as they can see in the market.

These are more the investor types who want to take an idea and expand on it to it’s maximum capacity. They will dive into the why’s, wherefore’s and the total market to achieve an end goal. Growth, expansion and impact. These types of entrepreneurs often find some of the earliest opportunities and take greater advantage…so long as they find the right help to get them there fastest. 

Too often these types of entrepreneurs try to go it alone and give up, run out of time, energy, and ideas or just find out they don’t want to do the thing after all. There are solutions when you find someone to help you see outside of yourself and find the fastest path.

Types of Entrepreneurs: The Mission-Driven

Another type of entrepreneur is the one who has a mission and just wants freedom from what they have felt has kept them trapped or less than. This type of entrepreneur is usually so mission-driven that they need to learn how to monetize things because they’ve been a part of someone else’s paradigm. 

When you’re selling for someone else and then suddenly sell for what you know you’re here to share is when you’ll find out what you’re made of. This is the type of entrepreneur that is ready to do the inner work and will stick with it. Often they stick with things that don’t work, though. So if you’re one of these types of entrepreneurs here’s a way to know how to choose. 

Ask yourself if something that is being offered is going to get you closer to your goal or further away from your goal. This little formula will get you so much closer than you imagine and keep you away from fluff and unnecessary things such as needing a website first. 

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