4 Tips for Extroverts to Get More Done

How can you communicate better as an extrovert?
How can you communicate better as an extrovert?

Being an extrovert can be a very positive thing; extroverts have an ability to connect with others, read others’ emotions, and interact with other people – even if they don’t know them well – in a very positive manner. But extroverts can also lack discipline and self-reflection, which can result in delayed success. If you are an extrovert, here are four tips for getting more done:

  1. Learn to Listen

One problem with extroverts is that they tend to talk more than they listen. Try to develop a 70/30 or 60/40 rule, where you ask and listen just as much – or more so – than you talk.

  1. Take Time to Appreciate Others’ Personality Traits

Being chatty and friendly is great – but this is not how everyone else communicates or does their most productive work. While it may be easy for you to dismiss other people who are quieter than you as standoffish, try to appreciate others’ personality traits.

  1. Share a Little

You’re used to the spotlight. However, learning to share it is important. Again, learn to listen, allow others to participate and be okay being in the background now and again.

  1. Be Thoughtful

Finally, remember that you need time to think and process without others, too. Take some time to yourself on a regular basis to be more thoughtful.

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