5-Hour Energy: The Myths and the Truths About this Beverage and How to Have Your Own Instant Power Energy

Derive energy from within, not from a substance.
Derive energy from within, not from a substance.

There’s a recent commercial about the 5-Hour Energy product—the beverage that promises to give a consumer a full five hours of energy—that states that the beverages is safe, and that it promotes good health. However, don’t be fooled into believe that drinking a beverage like this is without risks.

The Need for Instant & Constant Energy and the Consequences

Our need for instant energy is shortening our lives. It’s as simple as that; putting the brain and the body in the habit of instantly receiving energy anytime that it wants it isn’t a good thing. In the least severe of instances, the body and brain can become angry and frustrated when they don’t receive instant gratification. This can lead to:

Energy With a Twist

There are many safer and more effective ways to get energy fast without an energy drink. Did you know that sugary drinks help you have more energy for about thirty minutes and then a crash? A different solution would be developing certain breathing habits can be soothing and provide energy. Another option is eating more greens, eating your biggest meal at lunchtime, supergreens and even more high ph water. Here’s a book on that entire subject. Exercising provides much more energy. Meditation is a very unique way to allow your body and brain to acquire more energy that is sustainable throughout the day. This book contains many ways of deriving energy are natural, and have been around for eons.

Body and Mind

Instant energy and gratification isn’t always a bad thing, but it can overwhelm the body and the mind. When the body or mind is overwhelmed it is susceptible to accidents or health challenges. For optimal success, it’s best to find balance and find energy from more natural sources. To learn more about how to energize your body and mind, a life mentor can help – learn more today!

Learn to Lead From Your Heart today.

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