Being Your Most Authentic Self, No Matter the Audience

Do you have an understanding of your authentic self?

Being the most authentic version of you, which is the version where you understand your values and principles and act in alignment with those, can be challenging. Whether you’re at work, around those you love, or in a group of friends, sometimes, being well liked, impressive, or notable can seem more important than authenticity. However, being your most authentic self at all times is the only way to keep your energetics high and provide you with the keys to success. Here are some tips for being your most authentic self at all times, regardless so the audience–

1. Pay Attention to How You Act

The first thing that you need to do to become the most authentic version of yourself is to notice how you act around different people. Do you change who you are depending on your audience? When you are around more powerful people, do your values tend to shift? Paying attention to how you act around others and being aware of yourself is key to making conscious changes.

2. Observe Others

Being the most authentic version of yourself often means paying attention to others, too. Do you take a genuine interest in others? How does being around other people make you feel? Who do you surround yourself with? If you’re not genuine in your interactions with others, you aren’t being your authentic self.

3. Tap Your Heart  

The heart is the resonance that your audience will feel and hear and sense. They can actually hear your heart somewhere deep inside of them and respond to it. If you are off and only mind or mental people will feel the force and push. It will seem to them like there’s a disconnect.

4.  Practice What You Preach

Finally, in order to be your most authentic self no matter where you are or with whom you are, you need to start practicing what you preach and preaching what you practice. Make an effort to do this all of the time, and stop compromising your values. A couple of videos give you some guidence here and this one as well. 

Be Your Most Authentic Self… Click Here


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