Beyond One Day…

Often we think of these… 

  • One day it will happen…
  • When I can afford it…
  • It’s meant to be when I…
  • I hope to…

In fact, purpose and prosperity align when you create from a perspective of service and contribution. 

One day is the best day to start which is day one. 

Your purpose needs to fuel your day or else you will get lost in someone else’s purpose. 

I have people come to me with other people’s purposes and wonder why things are working as well or quickly for them. 

Last month we hosted the Epic Life Success Summit and I asked folks to consider this for their new self…

“What are you going to transcend into and will your purpose be transcending you into your prosperous future self.”

So for this year rather than a word create a phrase (one that will is a clear statement to help guide you day in and day out so that you are inspired and enthusiastic and is empowering) that will lead you into the year and help you fuel and align with your purpose that your prosperity can play into that mix. 

What is your phrase for the year?

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