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1:1 Coaching With Sheevaun

Join some of the top business achievers today and create more alignment, flow and miracles in your business by working directly with Sheevaun. She will help you unlock your next level of success, purpose and prosperity.

Unleash Your Prosperity

Our MOST requested program! This 8-part self study series will unlock what is holding you back and help guide you into your next level of success

Spirituality and Success

Blending these two areas of your life can be confusing and chaotic. This is where Sheevaun shines ... blending the two for an epic life and prosperity including your spirituality.


17 Books, 24 Success audios, Soothing Spray, Magnesium Spray,

Each of the products have been brought forth by Sheevaun because people would demand them to help them on their journey towards ease while going for higher successes.

Emerge & Monetize

Join Sheevaun's exclusive Mastermind Group. A chance to FULLY and WHOLLY Operate at Your Most Soul Aligned and Highest Level

Powerful Sales Conversion - How to Sell Better Package

Learn Sales directly from Sheevaun. This 5 part program will show you ways you are hindering your sales and techniques to transform and align your conversations to the next level.

Alignment of Money, Miracles and Goals

Learn to tap into your higher instincts and achieve more aligned successes.

unleash your superhuman powers

Harnessing the Power of Energy: Sheevaun Moran’s Pioneering Fusion of Spirituality and Business Success

In this aricticle in the Women Led Magazine you'll learn how to tap into your own resources and energy for harnessing your successes.

Live Events

Epic Life - Join us for a more meaningful life

Epic Life Success Summit

This 3-Day EPIC conference is THE premier event of the year for highly driven entrepreneurs, small business owners, and experts who are ready to integrate their drive, heart, mission and ideas to build a FEARLESS 6-7 Figure System. Within the three days you will be guided through a real LIFE CHANGE and energetic ALIGNMENT!

Emerge & Monetize Intensives

Held twice a year, these 2-Day intensives will walk you through unconscious patterns you have developed over your life and help de-program you from what has been holding you and your business back. You will be guided with other high-achievers to push through your ceilings and into your new normal - one of prosperity, abundance, and ease.

Grab these powerful, complimentary resources.

Epic Life Tool Kit

Our most powerful tool to really get yourself focused and on your way to a path filled with more clarity, money mastery and EPIC achievements.

Sometimes getting clarity is because you've gone through the right series of questions...a the right time. This ebook will give you more clarity no matter where you are on your journey.

5 Essential Energies for Success

Imagine knowing how to handle the odd, conflicting, or difficult energies that are affecting you...., your life... your income... your relationships and that's what you will uncover, and even receive solutions for in this book. It's everything I tell my high paying clients, and you can grab it fr*ee.

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