Do You Know How to Get Over Divided Attention?  

Stop dividing your attention and start focusing.
Stop dividing your attention and start focusing.

You may be scratching your head wondering what exactly divided attention even is, let alone how you’re supposed to get over it. But chances are, you’ve been a victim of divided attention more than once in your life.

Types of Dividid Attention

Examples of divided attention that you’re probably guilty of include having:

  • Talked on the phone while driving;
  • Yelled at the kids in another part of the house while making dinner;
  • Turned the water on for a bath and walked away to handle something else;
  • Been online with a specific attention, gotten distracted, and started looking at something else;
  • Starting reading or writing a book, put it down, and said that you’ll get back to it when you have time; and
  • Started your “to do” list many times, but only ever sort of finished it.

The above are all types of divided attention.

Overcoming Divided Attention

Divided attention splits your focus and drains your energy. It also leaves a job half complete. The better you become at focusing on just one thing at a time, the more ability you will have to achieve multiple things, one right after the other. Rather than multitasking, this approach is non as multi-task chunking. To learn the skill set to do just this, reach out to success coach and mentor Sheevaun Moran today.

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