The Business And Elephant Metaphor: Does Loving Animals and Nature Improve Success or Health or Spirituality

Animals can teach us a lot about energy and spirituality.
Animals can teach us a lot about energy and spirituality.
I have always been fascinated with elephants. However, I never dreamed that I would get to actually touch one in person, let alone ride one. But recently, I had that experience exactly, and it was amazing!

Caring for Elephants

Prior to my elephant experience, I had been saddened to learn that while elephants are key to Indian festivals and celebrations, they are often treated very badly. When we treat animals poorly, we are taking anger and frustration out on innocent and blameless creatures. In learning about the poor treatment of elephants, I thought I’d be satisfied just admiring elephants from afar.

Arriving in Bali

When I arrived in Bali for a conference, I found myself up close and personal with a beautiful elephant at the Bali Zoo. I then decided that if I had the opportunity to ride an elephant—but only one that was treated extremely well—I would.

Saving the Elephants

I was then turned onto a sanctuary for 32 elephants created by Nigel Mason, the founder of Elephant Safari Park. Mason started the park in 1997 after nine hungry and abused elephants approached him. It was here that I was able to ride Arun, a beautiful and magnificent animal.

What can elephants teach us?

One key thing that elephants teach us in observation is that nuzzling, playing, touch, and group work are all key elements of success, happiness, and prosperity. But when I rode Arun, I also realized something else that elephants can teach us: elephants have positive energy, and will open their hearts wide when given the opportunity. My heart is filled with gratitude for the people who have established the elephant sanctuary, and my spirit and energy is restored after being given the opportunity to interact with such magnificent creatures. To learn more about how to restore your energy and spirit, consult with Sheevaun Moran today.

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