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Being Emotional Can Be a Positive Thing

Embracing emotion can help you to have more perspective, empathize, and be the truest version of you.

Men often learn at an early age that crying “is for girls,” and that being stoic is the best way to “be a man.” However, being emotional and not being afraid of one’s emotions can actually be a good thing. Indeed, there is even research that suggests that bottling up emotion can kill you, as doing so may increase stress. Here are some benefits that fostering emotions can have, and why encouraging the expression of emotions amongst all genders is a positive thing–

Fostering Emotions Provides More Perspective and Empathy

When kids are not taught to embrace emotions, their ability to experience empathy may be severely impaired. Without the ability to put oneself in another’s shoes, so to speak, and see a situation from that perspective (and to empathize!), things like generosity, decision-making, and compassion may all be limited.

Fostering Emotions Helps to Break Down Barriers

Another reason why fostering emotions is positive is that denying emotions–or only focusing on certain emotions, like anger and powerfulness–is dangerous in that doing so creates serious gender barriers that hold us back.

Fostering Emotions Helps People Be Their More Authentic Selves

We already know that being the most authentic version of yourself is the best way to increase your energy levels and reach success. When you deny emotions, you are denying your authentic self, and could suffer as a result.

Do you consider yourself an emotional person? How do you think society’s influence and expectations has affected your role with emotions?

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