How Karma Works

Karma:  It is a term about the cycle of cause and effect

If you’ve ever wondered why some things good happen to some people and some less than good (bad) things happen to others, then this is worth your time. But let’s for a moment think about the idea that anything you’ve done in your past is what you’re reaping right now. This means that you get to change things up TODAY and RIGHT NOW to make your future self even better or AMAZING.

When you surround yourself with upbeat words that trend toward success and prosperity you will get there sooner than another. Every word leaves an imprint on your energy, your mind, your body and its cells. This, I hope, is a wake up call. It’s a funny thing that occurs when you’re relaxed and positive you can achieve things more easily. But when you’re tense, upset, worried, afraid and playing into the poopie pot of thinking you can barely make it out of bed.

One of the first things they do in ancient practices is to wash the feet and hands. That’s a metaphor for what you walk through and what you touch. This thing about karma is, what you send out, you receive. If you send worry, you receive worry and anxiety. If you’ve been conditioned to find the problem and focus on that for a solution (note: every single school child is trained this way) then you don’t have the best skills and won’t tend toward the positive. Karma is a funny thing and sometimes you reap it fast, and other times it takes a while.

If you want a better life, then think about what you’ve been creating. Do you want to create from a place of power, passion, purpose, prosperity? Then, let’s clean up your karma/sowing and reaping so that you can be ahead when this whole virus thing is just fodder for science. Here’s one way to begin.

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