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Inspiration from One of the Greats

Remember that learning from the experiences of others can help you become more successful.

A recent article published by Medium highlights some of the achievements of the actor and martial artist Bruce Lee. However, as pointed out by the article’s author, Lee was more than just an athlete and star; he was also a deep thinker. Consider some of these lessons from Bruce Lee that can be applied to your own life for more success in business and personal affairs-

Draw Knowledge from a Variety of Different Sources

Chances are that you draw knowledge from, and base decisions on, a single source of information or lessons from a single culture. However, incorporating the ideologies and methods of multiple different sources may be a surer way to success. Certainly, as it pertains to business, only focusing on the harsher elements of a business (like numbers and planning) instead of the softer elements (like personal energy and meditation) misses out on a huge part of the elements of success.

Start Thinking

If you’re not thinking for yourself, you’re not being an innovator or a leader. Start thinking more about you and the world around you. Outline your values, your goals, and your purpose. Do your actions align with those things? When you do something, do you know why you are doing it? Thinking for yourself is the only way to progress.

Are You on the Path to Success?

Take a moment to think about yourself and your life. Do you think that you draw knowledge from a variety of different sources, or do you tend to let one dogma or school of thought dictate you believes? When you do things, are you doing them because they’re what you’ve been told to do, or learned to do based on routine? Or are they grounded in your personal beliefs that you arrived at after critical thought and consideration?

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