How to Stop Someone From Stealing Your Limelight and Energy? Use Good Energy to Get Ahead

Use positive energy to kick your competition's butt.
Use positive energy to kick your competition’s butt.
Have you ever gotten that gut-wrenching feeling in your stomach when you see someone who’s doing what you want or has gotten an opportunity that you’ve been dying for? Or, have you ever tried to take initiative only to have another person one-up you? You deserve the best in every aspect of your life and now is the time to get it. Here’s how:

An Energy Punch

Have you ever been with someone and you get suddenly tired and grumpy? Maybe you’ve been thinking you should distance yourself from this person? Maybe they seem to take your good vibes and then go off and create something cool for themselves? It’s feels like that sinking feeling in your gut is an energy punch, and it’s reminiscent from your childhood when you were told that you did something wrong. It is a feeling that’s associated with being let down and being held back.

Taking Away Negative Energy

One way to alleviate an energy gut punch is to cut the cord from the negative event. Then, you’ll want to replace that event with a new image. If you don’t have a new image, you’ll use positive words like:
  • happy,
  • peaceful,
  • successful, or
  • courageous.
For help in doing this, you’ll need to use a life coach. Here’s how to reach Sheevaun for an assessment of your circumstances.

Get Your Power Back

You can use simple energy tools that are extremely powerful to get you results immediately. To learn how, reach out to life coach Sheevaun Moran to schedule a consultation today.

Access Your Own Purpose and Power

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