Is your money sick? The Connection Between Your Health and Your Finances

Health can indicate financial success.
Health can indicate financial success.

Believe it or not, your health is a good indicator of what is happening—or what is about to happen—with your money. The following takes a look at the symptoms of ‘sick’ money, how money relates to pain and poor health, and how you can get (financially) well again.

Symptoms of ‘Sick’ Money

The following provides examples of the connection between your body and your finances:

  • Shoulder pain – you’re holding on too tightly to an idea of how money needs to show up.
  • Hip issues – you’re dealing with creativity around where money is or may come from.
  • Upset stomach – you can’t stomach something to do with money, typically how it’s earned, how much you spend, or how to manage it.
  • Headaches – this is when you are putting too much tension in all of your body and your brain is giving a signal to breathe, relax a minute, walk, stand, jump etc.
  • Feet – you are literally stuck in your muddy thinking and not taking action
  • Hands – when your hands hurt you are actually holding so tightly to what you have that you’re unwilling to let go and let good in.
  • And there are do many more here along with the solutions…

A vast majority of the time, there is an instant and direct correlation to money and health. This is where I come in and begin the diagnosis so that we can come up with a unique solution to whatever is going on within you and in your financial area and your business (if you have one).

How You Can Alleviates Sickness from Money

If money is making you sick or causing:

  • Pain;
  • Tension;
  • Anxiety; or
  • Worry,

you must begin, today, to take action.

Understanding your body’s and your mind’s energy is often the first step. To learn more about how to do just that, and to cure yourself of financial sickness, let life coach and mentor Sheevaun Moran help you.

Learn to Lead From Your Heart today.

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