Making the Change from Congestion and Clutter to Prosperity and Wellness

Alleviating physical and mental clutter can help you reach prosperity.
Alleviating physical and mental clutter can help you reach prosperity.

Often times, the things that are standing in front of prosperity and wellness—preventing us from reaching them—are simply congestion and clutter. And by removing congestion and clutter from our physical or mental spaces, success is attainable. Here’s a look at types of congestion and clutter that might be holding you back, and how to address it:

Physical Congestion and Clutter

For some people, physical objects become a way to hold onto things and fill a hole of sorts. Rather than being satisfied by meaningful relationships, work, etc., our homes and offices become chaotic. Too many clothes, too many pieces of furniture, and too much junk. These physical objects prevent a positive flow of energy.

Mental Blocks

Just as serious as physical congestion and clutter are mental blocks that prevent us from reaching greatness. When are minds are overly full, achieving goals is impossible; just like a glass of water that’s already full, there is no more room for more water.

Freeing Yourself From Congestion and Clutter

Whether you have physical clutter or mental congestion, it’s time to clean house. For physical clutter, go through your home and get rid of things you don’t need or use, and consider adding colors that stimulate energy and creativity. For mental clutter, learn how to focus your energy. A life coach can help.

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