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Management of Pressure from External Sources

Is pressure from outside sources always a negative thing?

One of the hardest things to deal with in life is pressure from an external source, whether from peers, family, a loved one in an intimate relationship, or a boss. Finding a balance between what you want to do and what others want you to do may be one of the most difficult obstacles you’ll face in life. Here are some ways to manage pressure from external forces–

Determine if Pressure is Positive or Negative

Pressure can be both positive or negative. For example, feeling pressure to do something dangerous or bad for your health is a negative pressure; feeling pressure to push yourself to apply for a promotion that you’re qualified for, on the other hand, may be a positive pressure. Determining whether pressure is positive or negative can help you determine how to act, and help you to feel more in control.

Use Pressure as a Way to Better Yourself

Whether you give into a pressure that’s positive or negative or not, the fact that you are able to recognize pressure and control how you respond to it is demonstrative of personal growth and self actualization.

Take a Minute to Think

If you are in a high pressure situation, you may feel that you. have to make a decision or act immediately. Except for in rare situations, though, you can almost always take some time to think about your response before doing it. If you’re feeling pressured, take a minute to think about the positives and negatives, risks and benefits. What do you want?

How do you respond to pressure from external sources?

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