My Mom Used To Tell Me I Was Too…

Ever have your mom not really get you and throw out some really bizarre words?

I think we’ve all had this happen. It’s like they don’t get it. Then start your own business and parents certainly have some things to say.

My mom used to tell me I was too sensitive to ever be able to handle life and people and well according to her a lot.

But my first business was a lawn mowing route that started with one big lawn down the street. It took a huge amount of courage to get that gig.

I recall sitting outside on the front lawn, after doing endless cartwheels, thinking about what my parents said about the sweater I wanted. They said you can have it if you can find a way to earn that money. I watched that ladies’ yard every day as I rode my bike. The grass was getting higher and higher. So I braved the door and waited and waited and then finally a beautiful older woman answered. She hired me right there on the spot.

From then on I was hooked about how business and people worked.

Every day we get to succumb to the old voices of someone who doesn’t get it, of someone who cannot sense the drive or internal push that we have.

My sensitivity has been a superpower for my clients. I have helped people overcome all sorts of issues on the way to having a thriving, prosperous business. Not only that, because I work from the physical, mental, emotional, relational, spiritual, and financial aspects the whole of life is more awesome on the way to much more profits and prosperity.

Is it time to find out what’s holding you back?

Unleash Your Business Prosperity Through Love

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