Myths that Destroy Your Prosperity! Get to the Truth for Achieving Success

Reaching prosperity takes time and patience.
Reaching prosperity takes time and patience.

Did you know that prosperity depends on truths and a certain mindset, clarity and decluttering beliefs that are not in line with the propserity you want to achieve.

Here are some must-know myths and truths about reaching success:


  1. Money is Power: Money only has the power that you give it.
  2. Money is the Root of Evil: It’s not the money but the response, reaction and what having lots of money does to and for a person and their personality. Who they become when they have a lot of money is very telling.
  3. High Risk Involves High Return: Following your intuition is the best asset you have for understanding risk and reward. Don’t let fear keep you from taking a risk, but don’t take a risk just because there’s a chance it will yield high return.
  4. You always need money to make money: This is plainly not true. If you look at someone who is homeless they make money by finding something that they can write on and use a sign, or have a found cup out in front of them and money can come to them. So making money is possible if you have the grit and creativity to go about using, especially today, technology and your own mental powers to have much much more.
  5. Debt is Bad: Debt is bad depending on how you deal with debt. If you use it properly, and pay it off on time, debt can actually be a good thing.
  6. Success Lives and Dies by Numbers: this is mostly true. However, think about what the numbers do to your energy system; are they creating fear, or creating the energy you need?
  7. There’s Only So Much Good to Go Around: Don’t be fooled into thinking there’s not enough good to go around for you to get a piece of the pie. Asking for more is not being greedy.


  1. Do the Work You Love: End of story. The money will follow.
  2. Spend Less than You Make: Focus on always working and living a simple life.
  3. Have a Rainy Day Fund: Regardless of how much you earn or owe, put some dollars aside each month.
  4. Invest the Difference: If you know how to invest, do it. If not, find a professional who can help you.
  5. Entrepreneurship is Risky, But Rewarding: The freedom of entrepreneurship will be worth it in the long run. Be patient, and have faith.

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