Overcome Being Overwhelmed in These Times of Fear and Anxiety

Overcome overwhelm in these times of fear and anxiety | Driving For Your Success | Sheevaun Moran

Everyone, Sheevaun here and I’m Walking for Your Success. We’re in a lockdown, if you will call it that. I’ve done a ton of walking. My legs feel very strong.

I want to talk today about overwhelm and it’s a time where a lot of folks are very overwhelmed and they can’t get to the gym. They can’t get their regular outlet of work in conversation, and so overwhelm comes in many different ways and forms. Generally it hits us in our solar plexus and it creates weight, more stress. So that’s when we’re, when we’re overwhelmed, we tend to eat a lot or tend to emote a lot and we tend to get into stress and trauma and drama. When you’re working on stuff around overwhelm, the idea that you want to really incorporate is, is there something I can do about this? If there is, let me do it. If there isn’t, then cut the cord and move on here.

Here’s something that’s really fascinating about overwhelm. If you are feeling overwhelmed about what’s going on in your world, who can you give and serve and help? Who can you be a value to? As soon as you start providing service and giving that to somebody else, your problems get less and less.

I hope you enjoy my little reprieve of Driving for Your Success, Walking for Your Success. If you wanted to find out more about what we do, go to SheevaunMoran.com. If you really want to get over out of overwhelm and get your business on track, go to EpicLifeToolKit.com and until next time, subscribe, share and check out some of the other video videos. Thanks so much and hope you’re well and healthy. Know that it’s going to get better. It really just is. Peace out.

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