Purpose Beyond Profit: How Happy Employees Lead to a More Productive Workforce

Find your meaning.
Find your meaning, message and purpose.

Often times, business owners and managers think about profits as the ultimate end goal. However, by redefining purpose, profit may be achievable regardless. For example, multiple studies conclude that the happier a workforce is, the more productive those employees are, in turn leading to higher profits for a business.

Finding Meaning at Work

In order to help your employees become more productive, then, it’s important that they find meaning in the work that they’re doing. Internal motivators, and a desire to contribute to a company regardless of profit, are great driving factors. You can improve your workplace culture and employees’ motivation by helping employees find purpose in their work.

Stress Reduction Programs

You can also help your employees to excel by implementing stress reduction programs. Providing workplace incentives—like great benefits—and flexibility in scheduling can also help to reduce employees’ stress. It can also help employees feel as though they’re part of a ‘team,’ increasing intrinsic motivation.

Leading By Example

Of course, leading by example is a key part of having an effective workforce. If you’re not motivated by a higher purpose in your job, it will show; if you’re stressed out constantly, it will show.

Leading With Kind Yet Effective Energy

Energy is where it’s at for all leaders, whether you own a business, run a business, are responsible for anything to do inside of a business…effectively everyone.

When your energy is filled with heart based energy rather than force and will you will uncover that you can get much more accomplished. You will discover that your heart always helps the head make better choices and decisions. The right energy is felt long before the interaction, which is why a vacation always does a business good and forcing something when you’re sorta working never leads to great results.

To help you find peace and relaxation, purpose and meaning within your own work—and to acquire the tips to be a more effective leader with a productive workforce—reach out to life coach and mentor Sheevaun Moran today.

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