Six Pillars of Epic Success for Conscious Entrepreneurs and Startups | Driving For Your Success

Six Pillars of Epic Success for Conscious Entrepreneurs and Startups | Driving For Your Success | Sheevaun Moran

How do you find the balance between chaos and order? There is no balance. One of my big things is I don’t believe in balance. If you have balance, you have boring. If you have balance then you’re either dying or you’re dying, so there is no balance. There is this thing I call the upward trending cycle and it’s really about this is what we want to aim toward.

Generally we’re taught to live in chaos like this, high highs and low lows and “yay,” “woo”, “yes” and “no” and all over the place. We don’t know that the upward trending is the path to things not breaking to having more ease and grace and opportunity. It’s really having to get personality. Some will say it’s ego, but it’s really personality. It’s the, I’ve been taught in school to have the answer and to always have the answer and always be right and always know what I’m talking about and never make a mistake.

So you’re taught to be an individual, be right and you have to learn to all of the nuances. One of the programs we deal in this whole big sequence of the need to be right, because our need for you, right, is killing us. It’s making us broke. It’s making us make really weird decisions and stay in this rigid ball. So, I say upward trending cycle, which is more equilibrium on an upward trend.

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