The Cost of French Fries May Be More Expensive than You Really Think

Consider life coaching courses to help you discover the things that are impairing your financial success.
Consider life coaching courses to help you discover the things that are impairing your financial success.

Ask yourself: how much do French fries cost you? While your automatic response may be to say just a couple bucks, it’s likely that French fries are really costing you much more than you know.

The Story of French Fries

Years ago, I became very ill and nearly died of blood poisoning. Since that time, I’ve eaten very clean. In fact, I even owned a raw foods company at one point.

But despite that, I found myself craving French fries after months of not eating them. After a few weeks, I had a free hour and decided to give in to the craving. I drove to a nearby deli, purchased some French fries, and dug in. Yum! They were perfect.

Recovering from the Grease

The next few days, I ate plenty of greens to help my system digest the French fries. I was in the clear! – or so I thought. A few days later, all my body’s systems slowed. I knew it was the fries. I had used all my energetic processes, but the body was unhappy and responded as such. Those French fries cost me a week of feeling a bit stuck.

What’re Your French fries?

For me, French fries caused by body a week’s worth of processing and discomfort. The small choice resulted in a big use of my body’s energy. While it may not be French fries for you, keep in mind that even the smallest decisions can have a big impact.

Sometimes, we need a life coach to help us discover what are French fries are, and how to work through the process. To learn more, please contact me enrolling in personal coaching now.

Access Clarity with Ease

Here are a few extra tips…

  • Many times it’s too difficult to get relaxed because of our busy mind. As your mind goes over and over things and your worries become bigger and then you seem to have more worries. Your body and mind need rest so that we can have the life we often don’t allow ourselves to have. Recovery comes about through relaxation. Vacations are begun with the first few days trying to relax and just as you finally do relax it’s time to go home. Download this audio program is just like taking a relaxing bath or being on vacation.
  • It’s time to honor yourself and practice self-care by using the actionable steps outlined for you in The 12 Energetic Solutions for Personal Power. Each of the twelve solutions is designed to get you back into your success zone so you can scale your idea, business or start-up.  The tools you learn will further up-level you to support your passions, desires, health, and wellbeing.

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