The Power of 3s for Success in Life and in Business

A life coach can help you harness the power of threes.
A life coach can help you harness the power of threes.

When you see a person who has become successful, it’s easy to assume that that success was instant. However, most success requires hard work; success is the result of a taking a number of steps in the right direction.

One symbol that is a fantastic way to talk about the steps that it takes to get to success is a triangle. Having three sides, all parts of a triangle are important, and all three sides are necessary to complete the shape. Here’s how a triangle—and the power of threes—can be used to help you reach success.

Side One: The Foundation

The first side of the triangle, also referred to the foundation, is the base of the shape. This is important to make the shape lasting and sustainable. The same is true for your life – without a strong foundation, success will crumble.

Side Two: The Right

The right side of a triangle is one-third of this important structure. In your life, the right side of a triangle can represent the:

  • love;
  • care; and
  • passion

that you have for your product or service.

Side Three: The Left

Finally, the left side. Like the right, this side too will take you to the triangle’s pinnacle (i.e., success). This side represents the power and the push that you must exert to reach the pinnacle.

To learn more about the power of threes and how to build each side of your triangle, reach out to life coach Sheevaun Moran now.

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