Three Strategies to Have More Energy: Focusing on the Positives

Having more energy is about shifting your focus.
Having more energy is about shifting your focus.

More often than not, people focus on the things that they don’t have in life rather than the things that they do. The mentality and energy of ‘not enough’ is extremely prevalent in the U.S. But when we focus on all of the things that we don’t have, we’re spending our energy on negatives. Here are three strategies that can lead to having more energy.

1. Stop Reinforcing Negative Thoughts

Perhaps the most important thing that you can do to have more energy is to stop reinforcing negative thoughts. The more time you spend on your negative thoughts—like what you don’t have or what your spouse doesn’t do—the less energy you’ll have.

2. Cease Your Criticisms

Another way to have more energy is to stop criticizing others for their actions and decisions. Criticisms take energy, and don’t help you reach your own personal goals.

3. Become More Decisive

If you’re an indecisive person, then you’re actually making a decision to not make a decision. When you do this, you’re draining your energies.

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