Understanding Positive Affirmations and How to Use Them for Success

Use positive affirmations to your advantage.
Use positive affirmations to your advantage.

An affirmation is a positive statement that asserts a particular goal that the thinker wants to achieve. Often times, people will say affirmations for hours—or even days—on end, only to have a negative trigger throw them off course. Here’s how you can learn to make your affirmations work for you without negativity getting in the way.

Thinking Positive Syndrome

For years, people have been bombarded by the idea that if they only think positive, positive things will come their way. In other words, learning to affirm something will make it true. While positive thinking is good, there’s not enough substance in the affirmation process to manifest positive effects simply with thought; other actions are necessary, too.

Resolving Negative Affirmations

Rather than just focusing on positive thoughts, negative affirmations have to be eliminated and action needs to be taken. Even the most positive people in the world are often held back by negative affirmations. Getting trapped in negative affirmations can keep us from reaching personal and financial success.

Supercharge Your Affirmations

In order to supercharge your affirmations to make them work for you, meet with a life coach to first recognize and rid yourself of any negative affirmations. Then, take your positive affirmations and make them clear and concise. Then, use each one with consistency – watch as success unfolds.

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