When Your Energy Drags You Down: Shed that Weighted Layer!

To reach the top, rid yourself of energy that's weighing you down.
To reach the top, rid yourself of energy that’s weighing you down.

When your energy is negative, it can drag you down. The feeling is similar to that of swimming with clothes on; while you want to rise to the top, the heaviness pulls you under or makes things more challenging.

Your Energy ‘Clothing’

Just like that heavy clothing when you’re swimming, feelings and beliefs can harm our energy and hold us back. On the other hand, when your:

are all aligned without obstacles, you can float freely– i.e., you can reach success.

Shedding Your Weighted Layer

Swimming with clothes isn’t pleasant, just as living life with negative energy bearing down on you isn’t ideal. To shed that weighted layer, begin by identifying the beliefs and energies that are holding you back. For most people, these include:

When you don’t shed your unhealthy energies, the results aren’t just financial failure; oftentimes, pain and sickness ensue as well.

Clear Your Negative Energy

You can clear your negative energy when you part from your unhealthy beliefs. When you’re ready, contact life coach and mentor Sheevaun Moran. Our unique program can help you!

Learn to Lead From Your Heart today.

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Remember that energy is where the real you shines and success is more easily attainable…let it shine today!



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