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How To Influence Others Even When You Are Not In A Position Of Authority

Even as an entry-level, front-line worker with no authority, you still have the ability to influence the direction of your organization.

The only way to change a situation is not top down. In fact, prominent leadership experts insist that it is exactly the opposite. The easiest way to change a situation is from the bottom up.

Take for instance, this famous quote from a well-known leaders expert, John Maxwell:

Leadership is a choice you make rather than a place you sit. In other words, leadership comes from influence and not from your position. For this reason, even when you’re not in front, you’re still leading those around you.”

How do you increase your influence in your organization? Here are two simple ideas to help you be a better leader even before formally being appointed as one:

Building Trust Increases Influence

One of the best ways to build trust is by asking people for advice on a challenge and then listening to them intently.

When you validate people by listening to their opinions, they understand that you are being genuine and have no agenda. This, in turn, builds trust.

When you build trust with your colleagues, bosses and teams, your influence in the organization increases dramatically.

Be the change you want to see in your organization.

Be Proactive In Creating Change

If you ever find yourself questioning whether you should act on a good idea, you should definitely act on it.

Your action will be a catalyst that will inspire others to follow suit. It also sets into motion ideas that could transpire into game-changing processes. Simply acting on your ideas motivates others lend you their support and efforts.

You don’t have to sit around and wait for the promotion so you can start to influence changes in your organization. Instead, start acting now. Small steps are surprisingly effective in moving you forward.


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