The Thin Line Between Dreaming Big And Working Hard

You don’t need money to make things happen, you need to make a decision. 

Yes, you probably read that line on this blog on an earlier post. The power of making a firm decision is the first step in your success journey. However, people get stuck in the wishing stage and never graduate past the ‘work-until-your-dream-comes-true’ phase.

Why do people give up on their wishlist?

1. Worthwhile Things Are Difficult

There are no shortcuts. Even if you received a windfall or won the lottery, maintaining the joy of your success is going to be an uphill task. When you take one step at a time through making mistakes, learning, and all the while plodding away, you don’t just become successful… you become success.

2. All Things In Due Time

Like hammering a nail on the wall, sufficient focus on one spot for a period of time is required to achieve your goals. Impatience is a dear friend of the unsuccessful. When you make plans, ensure you stretch them over a generous timeframe and then be prepared to wait a little longer to see those dreams realized.

When you make money decisions out of fear, you’re bound to lose.

3. Fear Makes You Quit Working On Your Dream

One failure is usually all it takes for individuals to pack their dreams in a suitcase and take a one-way ticket on the train of security and comfort.

Are you retreating because you failed? Stop expecting to get it right on the first attempt or even the tenth attempt. Place yourself in a positive environment, act with courage, and around people who encourage you to keep going when things get rough.

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