Steps for Improving Work, Productivity, and Efficiency

Figuring out your brain’s preferences can help you to be more productive.

If you want to improve your productivity, which means everything from working more efficiently to being able to learn more and remember more (amongst other things), you need to learn how to hack your own brain. In other words, you need to figure out what makes your brain work at its most optimal state. While some general things (like getting enough sleep and eating well) may be the same for everyone, there may be different specific things that do or don’t work for you. For example..

How Do You Learn?

First, figure out what method of learning works for you the best. Do you like to hear information? Learn through a hands-on approach? Or are you a visual learner? When you figure out which learning style works best for you, you can begin to customize how you receive information.

How Do You Stay Organized?

Another thing to think about is your method for staying organized. If you don’t have a method in place, implement one that you can stick to. This will help your brain work more efficiently by only focusing on priority information at once (i.e. what’s on the schedule for that day).

What Time Do You Work Best?

Have you thought about what time of day you’re most productive? Some people love getting up early and getting to work first thing in the morning, while others find they benefit more by working mid-afternoon, or even later in the evening. Which time of day are you most productive?

How Do You Decompress? 

Finally, remember that all of that information within your mind needs to be processed, which takes time and energy. Which is why decompression and relaxation are so important.

What other things do you think to affect your productivity?

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