How to Naturally Improve Your Brain’s Serotonin Levels

go for a swim
Exercising can help improve your mood.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which is found primarily in the gut, as well as the brain (about 85 and 15 percent, respectively). The chemical is responsible for a number of things, including mood balance and happiness. Having too little serotonin is associated with depression.

For years, scientists have been interested in learning how a person could naturally increase the levels of serotonin their body without using prescription drugs. A research paper published by the US National Library of Medicine reveals some answers.


There is research to suggest that exercising on a regular basis can increase serotonin and help to improve mood and combat depression. Many scientists believe that the decline of exercise in humans today compared with the days when humans were primarily hunter-gathers could very well be to blame for the high levels of depression today.

Bright Light Exposure

Just like exercise, humans during the hunter-gather age were exposed to a significantly greater amount of bright light than they are today. In fact, only a few generations ago, most of the world’s population spent the days outside, and were exposed to bright light even in the wintertime. Today, people spend most of their time indoors, resulting in a bright-light deprived society.


The diet that human eat today is much different than it was years ago. Today, most of our food is processed and deprived of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that our brains and guts need. A lack of tryptophan, especially, has been associated with an increase in depression. You cannot simple eat tryptophan, though; your body must also have the right amino acids, minerals, and vitamins to process it. As such, eating a diet with plenty of healthy fats, veggies, protein is recommended.

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