EP 119: How to Defeat Stubbornness

Hi Sheevaun here and I’m back here in beautiful sunny California from Bali.

It was an amazing trip and if you got to see my Facebook posts, you got to see me riding an elephant. It was exquisite. One of the things that happened while I went to the safari park, which is a park where they rescue abused elephants and have 31 rescues and 5 new babies, which is kind of a miracle in itself; but riding the elephant was the icing on the cake.  Just communicating with the elephant energetically.  There was one time, when I first got there, me and this belle elephant  were just having a moment and both of us are just weeping tears. It was amazing.  I have to say that these beautiful animals are here to do amazing service and give back in ways that we have yet to really uncover.

My message for you today is don’t be stubborn like an elephant because elephants really aren’t that stubborn. They do want things their way.  They do want things to be a particular way. One of them was very conscious about the food I was feeding it.  One of the sticks of food, one of the palm trees, was not fresh enough for her.  Good for her!  That’s a good way to be stubborn.  But being stubborn can really really sabotage your business and it really sabotages your relationships. Stubbornness is a thing when if it happens too long, your body is going to take a toll and it’s going to show up in your business pretty elegantly. I mean elegantly meaning it’s going to kick you in the touché and it’s going to do something to get your attention.  Where are you being stubborn?  What stubbornness are you holding on to that you really need to push. Give over to the elephants; let them have it, let them take it away, or the imaginary elephants anyway.

Alright listen, have an awesome day and don’t you like my new hairdo?  With the heat here, having so much hair , I have to pull it back.  Have an awesome day.  Reach out to me.  I want to hear from you.  Send me a little note, put something below that says loved this or you want to hear more.  You can reach me directly at author@sheevaunmoran.com and go to my website if you haven’t already and sign up for our newsletter because I’m always giving stuff away. 

Big hugs, talk to you soon.

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