EP 125: The Money Shot

Hey Everyone! Sheevaun here and I’m Driving For Your Success. Actually, I’m home today, but I wanted to share something with you that I think is important and it’s called The Money Shot. Every summer my dad would sit and play golf, he’d watch golf, he was really into golf! It was a big deal at our house and we had to be quiet. And the fascinating thing is there was always this one piece of information and I could never understand what he was talking about and he was like, there’s a thing called The Money Shot. And you know, they did a lot of betting on the golf course and such like that. But the fascinating thing about The Money Shot is it’s not about how much you practice the entire game. It’s not about going and hitting balls on the golf course. It’s not about your 10,000 hours. 

What it is really about is finding the one thing on the course that is going to make the greatest amount of difference. The course, the metaphor, the course, would be your life. But in this case, it’s the golf course. So finding that one space that is going to be your space that you need to complete a better part of the game in which is putting meaning you get that little white ball to sink in the hole. Okay. Right? 

And the fascinating thing is that is actually over 50% of the game and that’s going to make or break a score. So there’s something like a money shot that’s going on in your world that you’re actually going after the wrong thing in the wrong direction. And I teach about this and my webinars, I teach about this in our in Unleash Your Prosperity Program and that Money Shot is the thing that really has to help you get and push the needle in a direction with ease and grace, like get to your true north. 

And generally people are going after him to do a whole bunch of videos and I’m going to do whole bunch of perfect, perfect pictures and I’m going to do a whole bunch of all of these different things. I’m going to get my website and we do all of this stuff. And the fascinating thing, the Money Shot is learning how to get the right customer in front of you. Say the right thing at the right time. Have the right product and make sure that you have your inner compass, your inner alignment, all sorted out so that what can happen is you get the sale so that people say Yes. You have to learn how to speak. You have to learn how to write in the right direction. It’s not just snap snap magical things just come and people just say yes. So your Money Shot has to come from your inside out first and your inside out is where your greatest, greatest self needs to be conquered. That is your greatest change for your bigger Money Shot. I promise. This is the thing that’s going to make the difference. 

Anyway, my name is Sheevaun Moran. If you are watching this anywhere other than on my website, go to SheevaunMoran.com and if you feel so compelled to be a hero for someone and they need to hear this message, make sure you share it and subscribe below. 

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