EP 158: How to Live Your Passion and Succeed

Everyone Sheevaun here Driving for Your Success and today’s topic is about this email that I wrote about why passion businesses fail and I got this, I got this email in the subject line and one of the emails that I received in one of the lists that I’m on and yes, I mean you want it to be on a bunch of lists because you want to see what other folks are doing, not to copy them up but to be inspired by them. Sometimes you know the golden his treasures that I share in these Driving for Your Success videos come from those emails and this one, the subject line was why passion businesses fail really had me a little fired up because I don’t think passion businesses fail. A. I think if you don’t have your alignment, your energy right, you how to run a business, you have, you know how to make sales. 

Any business will fail regardless of if it’s your passion. I remember reading this book called do what you love and the money will follow up. Well, the fact is I actually never read the book. I just really knew that the title was right for me and it said everything that I needed to hear in in my world, and it was like, do what you love and the money will follow. Well, you know what I mean? You can’t do every single thing that you love, but it is the one thing that you want to identify that you do love doing so that you can be inspired and grow and take that next step. It’s really fascinating because you’ll be on in a program or listening to somebody else’s stuff and saying, oh yeah, I need a blog and your website. I need any need, and at the end of the day, it’s really about what is your soul and your heart here, uh, on the planet to do so that you can achieve your mission and objective. 

We each have a mission and objective. Hey, and it doesn’t mean that we love it. It doesn’t mean we know how to do it and doesn’t mean we know how to get it out there. It’s just something that just keeps nudging at us. Something that keeps pushing us. I’ll give you a great example of a client I have, and she’s, uh, she was, uh, a c level executive in the a wine and spirits business and uh, she ended up leaving that position because her husband wanted to, him wanted her to spend time with him and his business and traveling and so on and so forth. Inch. She left a little grudgingly. But what happened is she had some children and she found this thing which I helped her perfect, which was how to help moms who can’t breastfeed or can’t fully breastfeed and really want to. 

And maybe it’s not a woman that, you know, maybe it’s too, it’s a gay or lesbian couple, whatever that is. And the breastfeeding just isn’t an option, particularly from the birth mother. You never know. So breastfeeding was a challenge for her. She just couldn’t do it. So. And um, so she created this formula and it’s really rock and formula and she found out that it’s really what she’s here to do. And again, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy and passion businesses shouldn’t be easy. It’s really about breaking through and being on your journey. So you can achieve what you’re here to achieve. You have to learn how to have an enrollment conversation is somebody can say yes to what you have to offer and you have to learn how to not give your stuff away for free and you have to learn to speak authentically and from your heart and not at people. 

Because I hope you get that. I, I, I’m not, I’m not speaking at you. I am inviting you into a conversation whether you converse back with me or not a, I know something is going on in your brain because people keep subscribing and sharing our videos and so on and so forth. So that’s what I’d like you to do is let’s dispel this, that’s dispel this thing about passion businesses failing because they don’t need to. However, they do need to become a full fledged system and assistant isn’t bad or icky or corporatizing. It’s really just, it’s an elegance of how things move and you’ve learned how to use your smart phone and as you become more adept at it is become more elegant. So, uh, same thing with any system, any process. And that goes for having a business. So if you need help and you want to get your business going, you need some income in it, you need to learn how to have that enrollment conversation. 

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