EP 159: Tame That Inner Critic and End the Drama

Sheevaun here Driving for Your Success and I’ve got a great topic today. I’ve got the topic about emotions. They are our greatest allies and our worst enemy. Do you ever get that negative feeling and you just can’t shake it doesn’t matter what you do. I mean if you’ve been with me for a while, there are some tools we’ve shared about this but this is a slightly different concept. I want you to think about a negative emotion as an invitation to expand rather than something that’s meant to take you out of your zone, out of your happy place. If we are happy all the time we will not grow.

Negative emotions are really an opportunity to expand we just have to look at them slightly differently and give them the opportunity to not take over our minds, our bodies, and our entire zone of how we’re going to move ahead and when we end up with negative emotions we end up really digging into the past. That just means we haven’t dealt with past stuff. We dig into the past and we create more of the past. So every time we dig into the past, we are going to get more of the past. So your looking for the problem. A negative emotion handled gently, lovingly, properly, not vomiting and expressing through anger to somebody else is going to actually give you a sense of freedom and give you a sense of taking action. That you are really the master of your emotions. That’s really the best way to succeed. Not stuff them down really invite them too kind of pass through because you’re going to get more and more comfortable with this.

This is Sheevaun I’m Driving for Your Success. It’s an awesome summer day. Let’s think about below what’s going on with your emotional state and if you need those free videos that are gonna help you even more so with your negative emotions you want to go to freekickstarter.com. If your watching this anywhere other than my website go to sheevaunmoran.com. Have a great day I appreciate you and talk soon.

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