EP 185: How to Fix Energy From Scares and Traumas

Hi, Sheevaun here, Driving for Your Success. I’m really crawling for your success right now here in Southern California on the freeway, but I have my sun roof open and it’s a beautiful afternoon. What could be bad? Tonight is Halloween, All Hallows’ Eve, and something that really doesn’t get addressed is, how scary and frightening and of giant falls can actually rip your energy field? I know that’s a little out there, and it’s some stuff that we’ve talked about in previous videos. I teach about this in my workshops, the I Am Success Now and I Am Success Now Wisdom, and how to solve those things.


However, when there’s a fright or a big scare or a trauma, or a big fall or an accident, it’s not just the body that gets hurt; it’s actually the field that gets hurt, too. I’m saying the field, F-I-E-L-D, the field around the body. Once you solve the field around the body, you actually solve the problem within the body that much more effortlessly. They have to blend. That’s some of the stuff we teach.


You want to make sure you subscribe to our channel so you can see all these other cool Driving for Your Success videos, and make sure you find us at SheevaunMoran.com. Have an awesome, awesome, beautiful night, and one more tip: Just tell your children they’re safe and they’re protected, and they are in good, good hands. That actually helps some of that spooky, scary energy. Have an awesome day!







Scary things and traumas actually affect your energy body and not just your physical body. Here’s how to fix them. Have an awesome day.




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