EP 187: Prospering in New Ways

Hey Everyone, Sheevaun here. And boy, it’s been a wild six months, hasn’t it? Well, here’s something that’s really fascinating. You are not the same as you were six months ago, you’re focusing, I bet, more on your health. You’re focusing, I bet, more on how you’re going to get out there and connect with folks. You’re also focusing on going internally in ways that maybe you haven’t done before ever, or maybe you needed to reintroduce into your life. So one of the really fascinating things about all of this chaotic time is you can either play into that theme, or we could create the theme of something else. And that of “something else” is greater access to our truest unique divine self, and what we’re here to do as our higher potential. Now, I’ve been getting a little flack in my emails about some of the things I talk about with prosperity. I really wanted to clean this up for you. Prosperity is not just money. Prosperity is freedom of thought. Prosperity is the ability to create something and bring it to market, the ability to really access anything you want, if you’re going to take the 


steps to access that. 


Prosperity is time, prosperity is having energy, prosperity is having health, prosperity is having at least one person in your corner that is going to fight for you; that is really there for you.  Maybe this video is that, and that’s what you need to hear. Prosperity is being able to watch and learn from the internet and the videos everywhere that we couldn’t have done 20 years ago. So we have a lot more prosperity around us and we have a lot more prosperity locked inside of us that we need to allow out. We need to learn how to really pull it out of ourselves and get out there and get our minds working in the same direction as the potentiality and our energy moving in the same direction as opportunity. Every time we’re around people who think negatively about what’s not working and what isn’t prosperous and how things are always a sham or scam or conspiracy, 


it’s really fascinating how you’re going to look for more of those and the easiest way out of that. Easy, not simple, right? Simple means you got to take action and do something again. So the easiest way out of that is to focus on what you want. Take it steps forward, focus, take steps, focus, take steps, work, or get somebody to help you work with getting your head space into a much more positive framework, move your body, you know, move your body more. That is going to help you get more prosperous. Interestingly, when we’re in pain, we tend to isolate and hunker down and get smaller. We want to rise up and breathe and expand and move our bodies. That’s another form of prosperity, freedom of movement. We can express ourselves with creating a piece of art, or writing, or a piece of music, or teaching. 


There’s so many ways that prosperity really flows through our lives. I invite you to think about where prosperity is in your life, that you have not looked before. It’s there and you haven’t been looking for it somewhere. So let this be a call to you to really shift the way you think about prosperity. I’d love to hear some comments below. Of course, you’re supposed to subscribe, only because it’s going to benefit you. It actually helps me keep on sharing unique little nuggets of wisdom. So, to your prosperity, my name is Sheevaun Moran. If you want to find out more about some of the things that we offer, go to epiclifetoolkit.com E-P- I-C-L-I-F-E-T-O-O-L-K-I-T dot com. Alright, see on the inside and have a beautiful, beautiful prosperous day.



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