EP 192: This One Person Matters MOST

Hey, everyone Sheevaun Moran here and today’s little topic is not so a little. It’s really important about who you take care of. First, one of the things that really happens when we’re in the mode of serving is we tend to wanting to take others first. We want to care for others first, or we want to put them first and that’s cool. That’s beautiful. That’s admirable. And that’s only going to work for so long. And when that only works for so long, what starts to happen is your body breaks down. Your mind gets fuzzy. You get way on clear, you eat sugar. That’s kind of interesting. You take her of others first, but you’re going to eat sugar in order to get that thing going inside of yourself, rev yourself up. Uh, so when you take care of others, first, the fascinating thing is they’re actually not being taken care of that. 


Well, they’re not getting the good fullness of the Jude you have when you take care of yourself first. Hmm. That’s pretty interesting. What questions do you not deal with or handle or get addressed or have somewhere you can really get these things worked out. What kind of things really get you muddled up? So you’d rather just learn something and then teach it to somebody else rather than learn it and really use it for yourself and then teach it. You don’t have to be that far ahead of those folks. All you have to do is take care of self first and then you can take care of others. Energetically. When you take care of others, first, think about it like this. When you take care of others first, and you’re not a good leader about taking care of yourself first energetically, it’s like you having an open pipe that is going to them. 


That is feeding them. And you’re the one who’s going to get drained, depressed, depleted, and defeated. And you’re going to wonder what’s wrong. What’s going on? So, cut the chords. Let’s get back to serve you first a little bit, maybe a little bit more than a little bit, and then go and serve and help somebody else. Let’s take care of you. Energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, relationally, financially, and energetically, right? Let’s take care of you first. And then you can take care of others. There are lots of books on this in business about, you know, making sure that you’re paid for your services and your income is paid first and you know, not putting it off till later and that applies to everything else, even more so, so, Hey, my name’s Sheevaun Moran go to www.SheevaunMoran.com in order to get some cool stuff, cool inspirations. And our toolkit (www.epiclifetoolkit.com) is going to get you to no matter where you’re at on the journey to get you to wake up to another part of maybe where you could get out of your own way or rock the results that much more. All right. See you on the inside. Hey, if you can subscribe right now and share this, if you feel like it’s worth it, then I would so appreciate it. You’re the best love you. Appreciate it. Oh, have an awesome day.

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