EP 194: Mindset Tricks for a Better Life

Everyone, Sheevaun here Driving for Your Success, a little wobbly. I have my little friend in the back, my little Tigger, and it’s been a while since I’ve been in my car driving and videoing, I’m actually sitting, parked and videoing, even though I could drive hands free, I’m just not going to do that. So, I think today’s topic is, what have you been doing with your mind? What has your mind been doing during this whole thing of being away from a lot of community? What has your mind been doing with what you’re going to create? What has your mind been doing with what your eating, what has your mind been doing with how you’re relating to others? What has your mind been doing about the Zoom stuff? Your mind is amazingly manipulative and manipulated. If your mind is not being minded, you will then have chaos and confusion and a lot of anxiety and you’ll fall preyed to other people’s thoughts and ideas and programs and patterns and attitudes and beliefs and limitations and fears and worries. 


So I think that one of the things that you could get great benefit from today with harnessing your mind is realizing that if you’re not in truths, you’re not in faith. If you’re used to telling untruths, you actually can’t undo untruths. You can then reboot and start fresh, but you’re actually then going to have to take 100 times the effort of making sure you stay the course of getting your mind on course, meaning faith and faith and faith and faith. I don’t mean spiritual faith. I mean faith in the fact that you can figure anything out, you can achieve anything you set your mind to, because I know you’ve done it and I’ve seen you do it. That’s what your little mind is saying. Even though the intelligent minds says, oh no, it’s too hard. It’s too difficult. I’m just going to take too much time. It’s too much effort. I don’t, I can’t. Listen. Your mind can either be harnessed or it could wreak habit. Let’s harness the mind today. Hey, my name’s Sheevaun Moran. I’m Driving for Your Success. You can reach me. Find me, connect with me. Learn about some cool stuff at SheevaunMoran.com. A little wobbly today, but hey, back on track, have a great day.


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