EP 197: The Blessing of Being Different

Everyone Sheevaun here, I wanted the topic today to be so very different. The topic is what to do with the blessing of being different. You know, I’ve been different, Oh gosh, all my entire life. And it’s challenging. Honestly, it’s kind of challenging to be different, to be outside of the norm. I could see and feel and sense energy early on. And when somebody wasn’t telling a truth or they were being unkind in their head, I could feel that. And so I was very different. I hung out with the, all of the groups. I didn’t hang out with one, just one group. I hung out with the science nerds. I hung out with the, you know, the cool kids I had with the music kids. I hung out with the theater kids, although that was the, I was definitely way on the outside of that one. 


I was so introverted. There was no way I could thrive there, but I hung out with the chess players. I love chess. I hung out with the kids who, you know, did drugs and things. I hung out with all of those folks. And I was so curious about humanity as to why humans, you know, behave, why people, kids, adults behave the way they behave. And it took me a long time to figure out that people would come to me for answers information, and they would come to me for a unique perspective. And it took me a very long time to figure that out. And I was really different when I was in corporate. I was perpetually the only woman in many groups at the level that I was at. And so I really, I really get this being different thing. And my unique take on this that may be of benefit to you is that your own courage to step out and to say things that are going to be a value to somebody else in a kind and considerate way is the thing that’s going to be best to. 


Also to look at how you communicate either in writing or in video, and really look at the underlying differences of how you can make your unique mark, because listen, we’re all put here for our own particular purposes and reasons, and we’re put here to do and share something really valuable with the planet. And that’s why we’re different. Some are way more different in summer, more in the past. And if you’re one of those who are way more different, then there’s a tribe for you. We have a tribe called the Woolah group, meaning the people woo like the woo and the soft things, and they like the Moolah and the business and the strategy and tactics and energy things that applies. So it’s called law and that’s how we’ve uncovered. That difference is important. And us being able to communicate in a way safely is absolutely essential. 


And you want to find that group where you can communicate and be heard, and he is weird as you know, that you are, or that you’re hiding because this being weird is so beautiful. It is the blood passing that keeps on giving to me no matter how challenging it is to go out into groups and find a way in. My main way of using this blessing is how can I serve you? How can I serve you and how can I serve you and how can I serve you? And that allows me to shine and share my differences and my uniqueness in ways that fulfill me. Hey, subscribe below. If this sounds interesting or share this with someone who needs to hear the blessings of being different, because you deserve all that you’re here to do and give and share, and you deserve to have it and do it in a way that’s filled with much more ease and grace. My name is Sheevaun Moran. If I forgot to tell you, and you can find out more about me and all my weird different things at www.SheevaunMoran.com. See you on the inside, keep being weird and keep being different.


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