EP 198: A Pivotal Pivot

Everyone Sheevaun here, I want to talk about something that is pivotal and 2020 was pivotal. It was a pivotal time. It was a pivotal way of thinking. It was a pivotal way of being at home. It was a pivotal way of addressing. It was a pivotal way of maybe not dressing. It was pivotal in terms of what we needed to do for jobs and creativity and getting ourselves out there. It was pivotable, pivotable. Yes, we PivotTable for technology. It is a pivotable thing. When something radical shifts in your life, a trauma, a loss, a health crisis cases, and many of those things happen in 2020. And many of those things happen to us on, on a regular basis. They just don’t happen to cascade made together all in one place in a collective way around the world. And it’s always about how we deal with our thoughts, our emotions, our interactions, our relations, our lack of relations. 


It’s all about what are we willing to do to make a pivotable. I keep saying that. So it must be interesting. A pivotal shift in our world, in our lives life in a relationship. So what do we need to do? What do you need to do? Think about this for a second. What do you need to do to take 10 new steps ahead? Something that you wanted to achieve? So, 2020 is where a lot of folks created a bunch of new businesses. Technology rolled out things that they had sitting on the shelf, waiting and waiting and waiting, and they just couldn’t get to. And 20, 20 forced those things to come out. Now, there’s always something that we’re sitting on. There is always some idea or concept that we’re sitting on. I actually started painting again after so many years, I can’t even think about how many years it’s been. 


I probably did 15 paintings. I was so inspired and I don’t know what I’m going to do with them, but it was a pivotal moment for me to look at what I wanted to do with my own creativity. I write and I do videos and I teach and I help people with their energy and I help people with their businesses, but there are so many other aspects that are really inside of me. I actually taught myself how to crochet. So those were a capital, a couple pivotal things that I worked on in 2020. And I’m leaving the bloopers in for you because I think you get it. That they’re important. They’re important for us to acknowledge that we have things locked inside of us that are clamoring to get out that need to get out into the world and shared. And even if it’s only for one person, it matters. 


You matter, it’s pivotable. If it’s pivotable, it’s pivotal, even that one thing you just don’t know how important that is for one person. So think about what you’re holding back on. Think about what you’re not sharing with the rest of the world, and really look at what’s happening in your life. So right behind me, I’ve got the pool guy and I have been bamboo plants and bamboo plants are very, very, very messy. And it dawned on me one day to put a specific type of cover on it so that those messy plants wouldn’t get into my pool. And it’s been amazing. I haven’t been frustrated by all of the leaves that are in my pool. I bet my pool. Guy’s happy. I think I would hope anyway, but there are pivotal things in your world, in your life and your thoughts in your brain, in your writings, in your journal. And I’m going to encourage you to get those out into the world. Now, if this inspires you, get it out. Now, do it now. Stop what you’re doing and do it now. And if it inspires you to write some more than write some more and get it out before the end of this next year, Hey, my name’s Sheevaun Moran. You can find me at www.SheevaunMoran.com and let’s be pivotal together and be pivotable for each other in our collective. Good. See ya talk soon.


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