EP 198: How to Master Your Fate

Everyone Sheevaun here driving for your success. And I’ve been telling a couple of stories to folks who are in my community that I interact with on a regular basis. And I thought it might be interesting for you. I thought these might be useful for you and what you’re going through in your own world. And it’s really about what you put out there. You receive back and I’ll give you a couple of examples. There’s a small post office that I go to where my, uh, where my, where I pick up my mail. And, uh, it seems like the people in this little building, they must hire the grumpiest people ever. I don’t know about that all post offices, but this one in particular. And from the time I started going there, I was on a mission to get them to smile, to get them, to crack a joke, to get them, to engage and interact and have some sort of relationship other than just making such serious stuff. 


And fortunately, over the course of the years that I’ve had my mail, that I go and pick up my mail and get my box at my mailbox. There is, uh, I’ve had the fortune and goodness to see these men and women transform in front of me. And I go a couple of times a week and it’s very small interaction, but you know, small, energetic, beautiful, positive interactions lead to massive shifts if done consistently. And so each time there’s a new person that comes in, they’re grumpy. It’s always my mission to get them to smile and to really engage and to get out of their crustiness because we all have crustiness in some way or another, because if you’ve been doing something for a long time, you’re not really filled up by it. You can become crusty and not everybody else is on a mission to have the person who is giving them service feeling good on the other side of it. 


So that’s one thing. And we recently had one of the, one of the ladies retire and she was then so loved after being so crusty for so long. And it was just like, I’m going to keep coming out yet until we are on a mission. And in our mission of goodness and sweetness and kindness is filled inside of every ounce of your being. So that’s one little story I thought I’d share. And then another story that is kind of cool. This is a, this is a today story. I mean, this happened today. So I have a particular client that is going through some challenges with, uh, personal life and business life and so on. And things are just not really working in her favor. Lot of things are working in our favor, but some things are just really, it’s like a square wheel in some of these areas. 


And I said, listen, let’s try this. Let’s try looking at all that, all of the things around you as something that is beautiful and wonderful. And she’s like, yeah, yeah, I do that. That’s nice. I kind of do that already. I said, okay, great. Let’s just, uh, if you don’t believe in God, this person does. So I just said, let’s God bless them all. God bless them with the goodness, God bless them with this success. God blessed them with the prosperity and the money and the Louis Vuitton bags, and God blessed them with this. And God blessed them with that. And, and I said, I want you to try this. And so we, we spoke a couple of days ago and how to catch up today. And cool thing is just in a couple of days just using that one little one, tiny, teeny tiny little hack is, uh, got a new client. 


She’s got a new client. She’s had a couple of things really turn around and meaning that a meeting that could have gotten, uh, aggravated and really problematic really was pretty neutral, not just pretty neutral, super neutral for her and for them. And so it’s really important to look at how you’re sending an energy somewhere out there in some way. And what are you expecting back? And so the really fascinating thing is your fate can be mastered by the energy that you put out there. So the magnification can come back to you in ways that you just don’t know yet. And it’s like, what? Goodness can you put out there? So that eventually somewhere along the way it does come back to it is called compounding energetic interest. That’s called compounding prosperity for the long-term. Anyway, Tim Vassar. Yeah. Fate, you need to change the energy, change your complete dialogue about what is going wrong into something that is not about what’s going right, because your brain won’t believe that. But something that is, is really opposite, positive, productive, upward trending. So anyway, the hack for the day to master fate, my name’s Sheevaun Moran, you can find me at SheevaunMoran.com and I would so appreciate it if you would subscribe below. And if you find this interesting share with somebody, that’s what we do right. When we’re in our community. All right. See you soon. Big hugs.




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