EP 205: Dealing With Things We Don’t Want to Do

Dealing with the things we don’t want to do. We don’t want to do a lot of things. Do you ever find yourself really just avoiding maybe the mail, maybe picking something up that has been sitting in your home for a long time, maybe avoiding a project. You know, there are so many things that we don’t want to do tax time who ever really just loves doing taxes except for the tax people. There are so many things that we get trapped in and to not wanting to do. I remember when I started my first business at 11, I had a lawn mowing route. 


So they would come out to the edge of their yard and they’d say, Hey, can you come and talk to me about doing my lawn? And they were the biggest lawns in the city. I grew up in a very small city it was really cool because they didn’t want to do it. And I tapped into that in the first person that I spoke to. And then there really wasn’t anybody else in the neighborhood doing it, except for, um, I think a few neighborhood boys or hit and miss, and then they go away and we’re inconsistent and I was super consistent. So there are so many you sit, we don’t want to do. I remember also thinking when I first got my house, that I was going to do my own law and I loved it. I was really attached to it. 


It was going to be a great thing. And I started traveling and business started getting bigger and my time started getting shorter and it was just a lot, it was kind of a postage stamp size of a yard, but still it was just too much. And I had to figure out how to have somebody else do it. Really. I had to let go of the need to do it myself and have control of it because nobody else could supposedly do it as good as me and that’s lunacy. They’re experts out there doing all kinds of amazing things. I’m an expert in helping people grow their business. There are people who are experts in, uh, social media. There are people who are experts in placing ads. There are people there all kinds of different experts. And so we have so many things that are in the weight of our brain on a constant likely day in and day out basis of things we don’t want to do. So how do you get to doing the things that you want to do? 


How do you get to doing the things that you want to do? Notice how I said that, meaning we were talking about what we don’t want to do. Well, one of the beauty beautiful things is yes, find somebody and outsource it. There are so many ways to outsource things today, um, driving and getting our groceries and so many things that are more easily outsourced than ever. So one of the ways is be willing, meaning open your heart, be willing to let somebody else play in their area, area of expertise. And I say play for a specific reason. A lot of people who are experts in a particular area love and think of it as play that guy who does my yard. He is so amazing at it. You can feel the love and play that he has when he comes and brings his team to do my yard. 

Same thing with folks who manage money, same thing with folks who do their area of expertise. And so think about the things that you don’t want to do and find somebody who is going to be authentic and true and in your budget. And who’s going to be diligent consistent and thinks of it is somewhat like play. Cause when I help people grow their businesses or, you know, help them in their lives so that their prosperity and their world gets more fluid and easy. See, it’s played to me, I a George doing it. So that’s one the other way too. Get done. Things that you don’t want to do is think about one tiny teensy, tiny little step that you can take right in one day, because is what starts to happen is it becomes like its own momentum machine and that play can start to happen. 


Now another way is to play some fun music. I love that one. I had this client that we taught her how to play all of the zany fun music that she hadn’t listened to for a long time. Another one, we had a, them half a dance party as a family to achieve something that they didn’t want to do. So look at what it is, that’s on your list and find a way to make it more like play because the weight of your brain is telling you how awful it is, how awful it’s going to be. It’s too much too difficult. It’s such a problem, et cetera. And you know, when you get it done, you’re always going to go, gosh, I wish I’d done that sooner. Wow. I feel so much better. And we can’t be so attached to the a result cause that’s really not getting us anywhere because we know somewhere in our brain, we know that it’s going to feel good once we do it, let’s incorporate the word and the idea of play into accomplishing something that we don’t want to do. So play with this subscribe button and share this. If you feel like it’s of interest and valuable to somebody else and go to www.SheevaunMoran.com for more cool stuff and some other fun ways to play with energy. All right. See you on the inside.

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