EP 210: Stop Communicating This Way

Everyone Sheevaun Moran here, Driving for Your Success. And today’s topic is about making sure that you are communicating your message. There’s something that’s really important happening that you are not paying attention to when you’re communicating your message. One of the things is you’re not paying attention to your energy. If you’re in a rush, people can’t hear you really easily. If you are, have chaotic, dynamics going on in your head, people can’t seem to hear you. Maybe you have to repeat yourself again and again, and again, if you have uncertainty with what you’re trying to share, people will have a difficult time hearing you. If you have a filter, an energetic filter people, not listening to you, a habit of people not listening to you. You’re going to need to repeat this again and again and again, and the really fascinating thing about getting your message out there is that the more you think about what it is, you want the other person to feel what you want them to hear. 


And the ultimate objective that you’d like to come from that communication. Maybe not what they’re going to say, but the end objective, you’re going to get closer than you were by just throwing stuff out there. And people who are more introverted or introspective tend to do this by default because they have all these other filters and people who are, are chaotic tend to not do this very easily. And so the process is take a beat, take a breath. Think about how you feel, stand up and do a jumping Jack, cut your cords. You can see one of the earlier videos that I talk about cutting the cords, meaning disconnect any junky energy from another conversation that you’re having or have had, or maybe still in with, with, somebody else in your tribe. But right now you can only do one thing at a time and that’s to engage with the other person that you’re going to have communication with. 


Otherwise, they’re actually going to feel the energy of all the things that you’re bringing with you. And then they have to try to decipher. It’s kind of like secret code, your own secret code. You ever have somebody tell you that you have your own secret code that you have to, they have to takes a while for them to understand your code. And, and the truth of the matter is, is your code isn’t necessarily so much about a code. It’s all of the energy that is coming beforehand, that the other person is sensing intuiting. Maybe they are actually feeling that. Does that make sense? So take a beat, take a breath, cut your cords. Think about how you want them to feel, how you feel. And if you’re angry, then take another beat. Cause that anger takes over the energy and then somebody on the other side cannot hear you anyway. 


Just remember that your energy speaks before your mouth, your energy always speaks before your mouth. So can’t wait to hear how this helps you in your day and your meetings and your conversations, maybe with your partner or your spouse, maybe with your kids. Okay. My name is Sheevaun Moran to find out more about the cool stuff that we do over@chavonnemoran.com. You can go to SheevaunMoran.com and if you think this is valuable, please subscribe, please share. I hope that you really, really get the idea that your energy tells a very specific story before your mouth tells a story before your mind even tells the story. Your energy is really communicating that story. Let’s get you started with a more cleaned up stories. You can have more of what you want. All right. See on the inside, see you again in the next video. Talk soon.

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