EP 211: Shortcut to Thinking To Succeed

Hey Everyone, Sheevaun here! Driving for your success. And today’s topic, two days implored video to you is about this very thing that you do minute in and minute out. And it’s called thinking. And the really fascinating thing about this thinking piece is there’s this law that is called human thought. The law of human thought and every thought creates an action which creates an energy which creates an opportunity, was, creates a success or failure or a collective idea or actually plays into a collective idea. So your thoughts matter. Think about it like this. If you were to walk around and all of the thoughts that you have, good, bad, ugly, interesting, weird and different, judgmental, criticizing, kind, wonderful, et cetera, um, were tattooed all over your windshield. Imagine you have a windshield outside of you and everybody sees all of these thoughts whirling around you and they can figure out who you are based upon these secret thoughts that you have. 


Swearing, calling somebody, an idiot, et cetera, or tell them, you know, all kinds of crazy thoughts in your head about another person. Or you have cyclical, cyclical thoughts. And the fascinating thing about the law of human thought is we don’t try to master our thoughts. We don’t really spend enough time working on being masterful about what we’re thinking, how we’re thinking it and how often we think or don’t think it. And we catch it and we’re like, Oh, I shouldn’t be thinking that. And then we live it. We pretend to let it go, but it comes back again. So there’s this energetic thing that we teach here in my company and we teach people how to get to their out of their prison of thoughts. And we use the Epic Life Tool Kit as one of those tools. But take that concept and say, okay, what thoughts do I want to have in order to have the world that I existed? 


Really, really be the true one that I desire? Because your thoughts are your energy and your energy, your thoughts, and you can change your energy and you’re not so change. That’s, that’s one of the classic things I have always taught over the past 20 years is when you change your energy, you change your thought. So I’m not talking about the running energy or, or all of that other energy. I’m talking about your subtle energy, the do’s, the end scene, quantum energy. And those play hand in hand with thoughts and every thought you have is going to get magnified out there into your sphere. And it’s going to help either accelerate or implode something that you have going on in your world or something you want to achieve in your world. So what are you thinking and are you thinking what you want to be thinking in order to get the results coming up below? 


And if you find this of value, you know what to do, share it, talk about it, spread the word. Here’s something that’s really cool about thoughts. When you share something that is powerful that you think is valuable, you actually help the people around you think more in an upward trending result, which gets upward trending results around you. So one little story about this woman, from when, gosh, one of the condos I worked I lived in a long time ago, and the lady crossed the street, she yelled at me. And my dog every single day. We didn’t even come near and she would yell at us. And so I utilize the shift in thought and energy, first energy and then thought, and once we did that, and it took some time. True. It did take some time. But one day she came out and she wanted to call me over and my dog over and she wanted to have a chat and say how apologetic she was and how amazing my dog was and how it was wonderful to see us, et cetera. So that thought and that energy magnified and magnified and magnified until it transmuted those who are around me who were thinking really poopy ugly thoughts. So that’s your thought for the day. My name is Sheevaun Moran. Go to  SheevaunMoran.com and if you want a tool kit, go to Epiclifetoolkit.com. Subscribe below, Share! Share! Share! Peace out! 

 Talk soon.


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