EP 217: How to Get Anchored and Aligned

Everyone Sheevaun here driving for your success. And today’s topic is something I’ve been noticing in a lot of entrepreneurs and new clients, and that’s about being anchored and grounded in what is happening. Currently. 


Most people seem to tend to stay out of their bodies to stay into the future or to hack, ways of the past. And when you were dealing with ways of the past, there’s no way to move ahead into the future that you imagined that you wish for, that you desire that is in your visioning. That is the manifestation of what you want to achieve. And being grounded means that you’re here, you’re in your body, you’re in the present. You can feel your breath, you know what’s going on. As far as the lakes and the, and the freedom and the flow in your body, they often do to talk about this in yoga. However, when we get into our business, we forget to bring those concepts forth and into our moment in and moment out choices into the multiples of phone calls, we get into the volume of emails into the zoom meetings into now that we’re going back out into society, into our connections and our conversations. 


And we’re grounded bonded means that when we’re having a conversation with someone where there we can hear, we’re very astute listeners. We can hear what that person is saying because when you’re super present and grounded, you can sense and hear and feel and know so many beautiful things about what’s happening with that person and that communication between the two of you. Yeah. When you’re looking around the room, you’re looking at emails, your, uh, creating something next because of desperation and because of fear and worry and anxiety or lack, mentality, whatever curse is, you’re going to look into the past, or you’re going to look into the future and you won’t be present or grounded. So getting grounded, it is imperative re-anchor yourselves in the morning at noon and after lunch. And, and before you sleep, as you re-anchor yourself into the present, what starts to happen is you find and build upon success after success, after success, after the energy, and the momentum starts to work in your favor, Hey, if you need help with this grounding, we have some tools. 


And in, in a previous video called I think grounding exercises, you can do a search for that in our channel, also in order to really get the results that you want. You want to make sure that the person that you’re working with, the person that is mentoring you, or coaching you or advising you is very grounded and present. Many are not. I hear too many people come to me, uh, to fix the challenges that somebody else has gotten them into. So let’s focus on being grounded before we go out and get into the chaos of society and the busyness. And if you need guidance or help, you want some assistance along the way, reach out, go to www.SheevaunMoran.com. And you’ll find three choices there that you can anchor yourselves into. You know, it’s a business choice, it’s a toolkit choice at, www.EpicLifeToolkit.com and there’s also an energetic choice. So pick one of those and let’s go down that path and really get you anchored and grounded. So you can achieve your vision and mission and succeeded that sooner rather than going through so much pain upheaval. My name is Sheevaun Moran. Look forward to chatting with you soon. Hey, and of course, you know, subscribe, thanks so much.

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