EP 221: How to Shift What People Think of You

Hey everyone, Sheevaun here Driving for Your Success. Today’s topic is what people think of you. It’s really fascinating. I’ve been having a bunch of conversations with folks about things that they don’t want, and how people treat them. And the reasons, the fascinating thing is, energy wise. They’re used to you being a particular way that you might no longer be. And so you actually have to retrain them through your energy and through your mind about how you do want them to treat you. So if they’re treating you in a way that you don’t like that you’ve outgrown, you taught them that. And the idea is to cut the cords and can really dial in the aspects of how you want people to treat you and really identify like five aspects of how you are not being treated the way you want. Write those down and say those a couple of times so that they sit in your energy field. 

And if you can do some jumping jacks before you get started and cut your cords, and then do those, those five words and do those a couple of times, they’ll at least be present in your energy field, not for a very long time because they haven’t, you haven’t integrated them yet. You haven’t worked on yourself thoroughly energetically to get them to fully stick to the energy, but it’s a good start. Getting people to treat you the way you now want them to treat you versus the way they used to treat you, or the way that you’ve outgrown grown with them. So ponder that for a bit, take that little tip and exercise and try it and put in comments what happens. See what’s happening in your life. See what changes, make sure it’s kindness at the end and give thanks in your head to them for treating you better and differently, and also really, really acknowledge yourself for taking this step. This action, my name’s Sheevaun Moran. You can find me at SheevaunMoran.com. And until then, if you feel like this was helpful, useful. Interesting. Thank you for subscribing and thank you for sharing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. See you soon.

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