EP 237: Inside Out Success Techniques

Hi Sheevaun Moran here and again I am driving for your success.


Today, I’m driving the lovely LA freeway system. You can see all these beautiful cars and I have a technique that I love to teach.  It’s about how to get traffic gone out of the main thing when you’re driving, but also in your life.  That’s not point for today.


Today’s point is how you are staying stuck in a crystallized way of being or doing. I had a conversation with a friend yesterday that I’ve known for many years, who has been on the journey of sharing energy techniques throughout. We’ve known each other about 15 years and she and I were talking about crystallization and how that type of energy keeps you stuck in thinking or doing things in a particular way. One of the things we do on our work is to break up that crystallization.  When the crystallization gets broken up it feels like chaos.  When it feels like a lot of chaos, we’re like oh my gosh its bad its bad it bad. Well it can be bad, however it can also be very good and beneficial, because what has happened is the crystallization is now breaking up, which is great.  You need to know how to clear the chaos that sits in your body, resides in your body, and keeps it there longer than necessary.  Also, how to clear it from your field, once you learn how to clear it from your field, you can clear it from your business.

I’ve done this with restaurants. I’ve done this with corporations. I’ve done this with teams.  I’ve done this all over the world for people.  I did this the other day for a man who was doing a book signing at a book store.  He looked depressed and really looked like he wasn’t going to sell anything.  We got to talking and by the end of the conversation, about five minutes later, he was standing up, he was moving things around on his table and he was going to interact with the people in the store.  His crystallization of how book signing needed to be really changed. Today’s message is, let’s break up those crystallization’s and let’s teach you how to clean those up. 


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