EP 242: Freedom to Succeed

Yeah, everyone Sheevaun here driving for your success, but really I’m actually at the last day of our Innovators Circle and wow, it’s been an amazing journey at our new energy mastery center in San Clemente. Super beyond excited how amazing it feels. So you can kind of see an awesome row. OK, so now that I’ve made you dizzy, um, that’s not for today is a, what do you have that you can share in two minutes that is going to have a beginning, a middle and an end. So generally what people do when they speak is they try to push their energy on to somebody else. Maybe even you or maybe you’re doing that to somebody I don’t know, but is to have a beginning, a middle, an end, something that you want to say. So it leaves the ability to have the story really, really being compelling and concise. And so that’s your homework for the day, beginning, middle and end. And let’s do our best to not play in this somebody else’s energy and wanting. There’s for us, if you need to sort that out, go to SheevaunMoran.com or the six free videos freekickstarter.com. Until next time, I’m Driving For Your Success, having an awesome day. Peace out.


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