EP 243: Get Momentum Back

Hey everyone Sheevaun here driving for your success and today’s topic. We’re gonna, kind of do it a little bit of a theme. Today’s topic is things that destroy your daily momentum, and boy, there are a lot. It could be social media, it could be anything, but the thing I want to focus on is how the things about complaining meaning things that aren’t working well or aren’t quite good enough. By focusing on those, they’re going to help you focus and turn your attention. It’s like turning around and looking at the wrong thing with the right concept, so complaining about what you don’t have is going to give more to you of what you don’t want. It’s your tendency to be critical and to look for things to solve. You have plenty of things to solve that are gonna, that’s gonna. Keep you looking for the negative and until you learn to move your energy and intention moving in the direction of what you do want on a consistent day out, day in and day out basis, you will always have contradictions so you could be going toward what you want and then turn around and have a little complaint and then next thing you know, you’re going in that direction, so it’s really keeping you in the same place. It’s friction in the same place which ends up causing pain, so that’s your daily tip. If you’re watching this anywhere, but on my website, go to SheevaunMoran.com and you want those six free videos. They’re gonna help you get out of that really wonky place of not getting a momentum momentum. You’re going to go to freekickstarter.com. All right, subscribe below. Tell me what your thoughts are and share this if you feel like it’s pertinent to somebody else in your life. All right, talk to you soon. Have a great day.



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