EP 250: Restart Your Marketing

Hey, everyone. Sheevaun Moran here, driving for your success. There’s something that happens with your marketing that I think is important for you to pay attention to. Every time your energy drops, your marketing is actually not going to work to the degree that you want it to work. If your energy drops because of fear, worry, anger, anxiety, frustration, whatever that is, it actually gets driven into your marketing. If you’re sending an email out to somebody, that’s going to be communicated to them invisibly, subtly. They can actually feel it. There are many times when your marketing may not be working the way it used to because your energy has dropped. It’s different. You’re in a different position. You’re different frame of mind. Maybe your health is challenged.


Really take a moment and consider what your energy is doing and how that’s impacting your marketing. Obviously if your marketing is challenged, it’s going to impact your sales. Hey, this is Sheevaun Moran, I’m driving for your success. Let’s talk about energy and let’s talk about getting it all fixed. Go and subscribe below. Share this with your friends and family or loved ones and all of your marketing geeks. Make sure you go to SheevaunMoran.com, say hi, give us a thumbs up, communicate with us. Love to hear from you. Have an awesome day.




Restarting your marketing requires more aligned energy. Your energy in your marketing makes a difference.




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